Planning a Temagami family fishing vacation? Looking for a fishing destination with a family resorts that has fun sports and activities for the whole family. Here is one of the most popular fun Temagami fishing destinations in Ontario for families to unwind and relax.
Here are our most commonly sought fish species in Temagami and Marten River lakes, rivers and stream. Walleye, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, Perch, Whitefish and Bass.

With 250,000 inland lakes, hundreds of rivers and shorelines on four of the five Great Lakes, Ontario offers many kinds of fishing experiences. Though probably best known for its muskellunge waters and walleye (pickerel) fishery, Ontario is home to an astounding 158 of Canada's 228 species of freshwater fish. Here are some of the species you can find in Temagami and Marten River waters.

Temagami Fishing › Discover the lakes of Temagami and Marten River in Northern Ontario.

Temagami Walleye Fishing › The walleye is the most sought after fish in Temagami and Marten River area. Its thick, white fillets, handsome shape and coloring, and elusive nature make it the ultimate prize among Ontario anglers. The average walleye caught and kept is about 14 inches long and weighs slightly more than 1 pound. The walleye is named for its pearlescent eye, which is caused by a reflective layer of pigment, called the tapetum lucidum, that helps it see and feed at night or in murky water.

Walleye Ontario Record 22.25 lbs.

Temagami Northern Pike Fishing › This voracious predator is one of the easiest fish to catch in Temagami and Marten River area because it so willingly bites lures or bait. What's more, northerns produce chunky white fillets that many anglers say taste as good as walleyes. Most northerns caught by fishing run 2 to 3 pounds, though trophies over 20 pounds are caught each year in the Temagami area lakes. A close cousin to the muskellunge, the northern pike lives in nearly all of Ontario's lakes and streams.

Northern Pike Ontario Record 42.12 lbs.

Temagami Smallmouth Bass Fishing › Some of the finest smallmouth fishing in the world takes place right here in Temagami Ontario. Often encountered in schools, Ontario's bronzebacks are found throughout most of the province. Many Temagami lakes offer the ultimate trophy smallmouth fishing - where fish over 4 pounds are common. Others provide anglers with quantities of 2 and 3 pound fish. Whatever your choice, Temagami's smallies are still pound for pound and inch for inch, the fightingest fish that swims in fresh water.

Smallmouth Bass Ontario Record 9.84 lbs.

Guided Largemouth Bass Fishing › Largemouth are found throughout southern Ontario and even in parts further north. Largemouth bass are most active from early summer to early autumn. Canadian largemouth may not grow to world-record size, yet the sheer number of 2-6 pounders in many water bodies more than makes up for it. They can typically be found in areas rich in aquatic plants, as well as in areas that have a lot of flooded stumps, logs, standing timber, and brush. Often overlooked by local anglers, there are many parts of the province where big bucketmouths rarely see a lure. When they see yours - be prepared for a bone-jarring strike!

Largemouth Bass Ontario Record 10.43 lbs.

Muskellunge Fishing › Ontario's muskie fishing is so phenomenal, that it is not a question of whether Ontario will produce the next world record, but exactly when and where in the province it will happen. World-class fish are caught every year from several water bodies. In other areas not known for producing record-breaking fish (just incredible numbers of 10-30 pound fish), seasoned muskie anglers just laugh when they hear their favorite gamefish referred to "as the fish of a thousand casts". Careful management utilizing high minimum size limits, very low possession limits and a strong catch and release ethic among anglers, will help Ontario remain as the world's premier muskie destination.

Muskellunge Ontario Record 65 lbs.

Temagami Yellow Perch Fishing › This tasty panfish is everywhere in Marten River and Temagami area lakes. Whether you like to relax in a boat fishing with the family on a hot sunny day, or gaze through a hole in the ice waiting for another big one, Ontario's perch fishing is second to none. Yellow perch average 6-8 inches in many of the smaller water bodies; in larger lakes jumbos in the 11-13 inch range are plentiful.

Yellow Perch Ontario Record 2.25 lbs.

Black Crappie Fishing › Once found only in certain limited waterbodies in southern and northwestern Ontario, the black crappie's range is now spreading faster than any other fish species in the province. A fast growing, delicious panfish, the number of one pound slabs that swim our waters is simply mind-boggling!

Black Crappie Ontario Record 3.78 lbs.

Temagami Lake Trout Fishing › With so many deep, cold, clean Temagami lakes, it is no wonder that Ontario boasts some of the finest lake trout fishing in the world. In fact, we have more than 2,000 lake trout lakes - more than anywhere else on the planet. Small inland lakes typically produce fish in the 3-6 pound range, yet even here much larger trout are taken regularly. Larger lakes and the Great Lakes regularly yield brutes of 20 pounds or more.

Lake Trout Ontario Record 63.12 lbs.

Temagami Brook Trout Fishing › As a rule, not many anglers around the world can consistently measure their speckled or brook trout `by-the pound'. In parts of Ontario however, rules were made to be broken! Here, anglers consider a two or three pound brookie as just "another nice fish". With their delicate markings and brilliant hues, brook trout are often considered the most beautiful of all freshwater gamefish. Brook trout are widely distributed throughout the province - in small streams of the south, in cold, small lakes of central Ontario and in brawling rivers of the north. Whether you like to toss a fly to a brookie that will be measured in inches, or cast a spinner to one challenging our own 14.50 pound world record, Ontario is the place for you!

Brook Trout Ontario Record 14.50 lbs.

Manitoulin Chinook Salmon Fishing › Ontario's side of the Great Lakes produces world-class salmon fishing on the doorstep of Canada's most populated metropolitan region - the Greater Toronto Area. To fish the Great Lakes you can haul your own big-water boat, or use the services and expertise of an experienced charter boat captain. Millions of salmon stocked into Great Lakes waters every year help to maintain this outstanding fishery.

Chinook Salmon Ontario Record 45.38 lbs.

Temagami Whitefish Fishing › If walleye are at one end of the popularity scale, then whitefish are at the other. Why? We really don't know! Whitefish are found across the province, they fight hard when taken from either open water or through the ice, and they taste absolutely fantastic! Throughout much of Ontario whitefish remains an underutilized species. Limits vary, from as low as 2 in parts of the south to as high as 25 in much of the north. Sizes may average a couple of pounds in most waters yet certain lakes are prime to break the next world record - Ontario's current 14.77 pounder! Of course these are not the only species of fish available to anglers in Ontario. There are also big brown trout, coho salmon, bountiful bluegill and pumpkinseed sunfish, rock bass, catfish, carp, cisco and more.

Lake Whitefish Ontario Record 14.77 pounds.

Ontario's side of the Great Lakes produces world-class salmon fishing on the doorstep of Canada's most populated metropolitan region - the Greater Toronto Area. To fish the Great Lakes you can haul your own big-water boat, or use the services and expertise of an experienced charter boat captain. Millions of salmon stocked into Great Lakes waters every year help to maintain this outstanding fishery.

Try Dawson Resort on Manitoulin Island for some great salmon fishing in Ontario

More Salmond Fishing on Manitoulin Island Mac's Fishing Camp

The surrounding waters of Manitoulin Island is Lake Huron and this large body of water offers some of the best salmon fishing in Ontario. There is also excellent salmon fishing in the rivers on Manitoulin Island. Providence Bay is world renowned for its Salmon and Rainbow fishing. The fishing is excellent, there is a splake derby in May, and a salmon derby in the summer. Manitoulin Island is " The Worlds Largest Freshwater Island " located in the northern waters of Lake Huron. Manitoulin Island, with it's unique scenery, and slow pace, draws cottagers from all over North America. If you enjoy hiking, fishing or just relaxing, this is the place for your next vacation.

Chinook Salmon Ontario Record 45.38 lbs.

Ice Fishing in Temagami › Equipment Rental Fishing Licenses While the lakes may be covered with ice and snow, plenty of fish are hungry and waiting to grab hold of one of your fishing lures. This is the best time of the year to go after trout, as they are now at depths that can easily be reached with "standard" equipment. The walleye, northern and crappie fishing can be equally as exciting and productive. Many of the lakes that usually are too difficult to get into in the summer are now easily reached by snowmobile, snowshoes, cross-country skis or even a sled dog team. You can break your own trail or travel on any number of well-groomed or packed routes. Your fishing trip can be as comfortable or as rugged as you like. Many people combine winter camping with an extended trip out onto their favorite Ely area lake. Others prefer day trips in the comfort of a heated fish house and at the end of the day they relax in the comfort of their room or cabin.

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The Temagami and Marten River area is blessed with access to many lakes, streams and rivers in northeastern Ontario.

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Remote Lakes

Dawson Resort Fishing Manitoulin Island in Ontario
Dawson Resort Fishing Manitoulin Island in Ontario

Whether you want to fish from shore or with a guide to a hidden place on one of our Temagami remote lakes, you will have memories that you will treasure forever.

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Anglers can bring their own boat and fishing equipment, or rent it in Temagami.
Local guides and outfitters are available to take you to where the fish are.

Temagami Fishing Kids Fishing Photos

Temagami Chinook Salmon fishing -  Fishing for Chinook Salmon in Temagami area lakes
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Lake Temagami - Lake Tomiko - Marten River - Red Cedar Lake Fishing in Ontario

Lake Temagami is only one of many lakes in the Temagami & Marten River area. Cross Lake, Diamond Lake, Lady Evelyn, Cassels Lake, Herridge Lake, Wickstead Lake, Angus Lake, Net Lake, Ingall Lake, Jumping Caribou Lake, James Lake, and many more have so much fishing to offer.

Fishing in Lake Temagami: Most of the surrounding lakes have a combination of lake trout, walleye (pickerel), smallmouth bass, northern pike and whitefish. Splake, rainbow trout and speckled trout will also be found in some lakes and rivers. While the lake trout and walleye fisheries have attracted the attention of anglers throughout the world, less attention has been paid to bass, pike and whitefish. These species provide excellent fishing and are growing with popularity.

Here is a list of Ontario fishing lakes.

This is a list of lakes in Ontario. Lake Abitibi Agnew Lake Ahmic Lake Allumette Lake Angus Lake Attawapiskat Lake Balsam Lake Bamaji Lake Bark Lake Lake Bernard Big Rideau Lake Big Trout Lake Birch Lake Black Lake Bobs Lake Buckhorn Lake Caribou Lake Cat Lake Chandos Lake Charleston Lake Clearwater Lake Lac Des Chats Lake Couchiching Dog Lake Eabamet Lake Eagle Lake Lake Erie Esnagi Lake Lake Gibson Gibson Lake Golden Lake Gullrock Lake Holden Lake Jumping Caribou Lake Lake Huron Lake Joseph Kabinakagami Lake Lake Kagawong Kesagami Lake Lac des Mille Lacs Lady Evelyn Lake Lake of Bays Lake of the Woods Little Sachigo Lake Limerick Lake Long Lake MacDowell Lake Mameigwess Lake Lake Manitou Marmion Lake Marten Lake Lake Mindemoya Minnitaki Lake Missisa Lake Mojikit Lake Lake Muskoka Night Hawk Lake Lake Nipigon Lake Nipissing North Caribou Lake Lake Nosbonsing Nungesser Lake Lake Ogoki Onaman Lake Lake Ontario Opeongo Lake Ozhiski Lake Lake Panache Peninsula Lake Pierce Lake Pigeon Lake Rainy Lake Rice Lake Lake Rosseau Round Lake Sachigo Lake Lake Saint Clair Sand Lake Sandy Lake Savant Lake Lake Scugog Seseganaga Lake Lac Seul Severn Lake Shibogama Lake Shoal Lake Lake Simcoe Smoothrock Lake Steel Lake Lake St. Joseph Stony Lake Sturgeon Lake Lake Superior Lake Temagami Tetu Lake Lake Timiskaming Trout Lake Umfreville Lake Wabigoon Lake White Otter Lake Wanapitei Lake Wapikopa Lake Weagomow Lake White Lake Whiteclay Lake Whitewater Lake Windermere Lake Windigo Lake Winisk Lake Lake Wolsey Wunnummin Lake

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