Temagami Brook Trout fishing -  Fishing for Brook Trout in Temagami area lakes

Temagami Brook Trout Fishing - Fishing for Brook Trout in Temagami Area Lakes

Fishing in Temagami - As a rule, not many anglers around the world can consistently measure their speckled or brook trout `by-the pound'. In parts of Ontario however, rules were made to be broken! Here, anglers consider a two or three pound brookie as just "another nice fish". With their delicate markings and brilliant hues, brook trout are often considered the most beautiful of all freshwater gamefish. Brook trout are widely distributed throughout the province - in small streams of the south, in cold, small lakes of central Ontario and in brawling rivers of the north. Whether you like to toss a fly to a brookie that will be measured in inches, or cast a spinner to one challenging our own 14.50 pound world record, Ontario is the place for you!

Brook Trout Ontario Record 14.50 lbs.

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Only a handful of lakes and streams that have brook trout in the Temagami and Marten River area.

Temagami Brook Trout fishing -  Fishing for Brook Trout in Temagami area lakes
Brook Trout fishing - Fishing for Brook Trout in Temagami and area lakes.

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Brook Trout - Length: 10 to 16 inches - Weight: 11 ounces to 2 pounds - Color: olive-green to dark brown on back, lighter on sides and silvery white on underside

Common Names: Eastern brook trout, speckled trout, coaster, aurora trout, square-tail, sea trout

Found in Lakes: Michigan, Huron, Ontario, and Superior

Brook trout are the only stream-dwelling trout native to the Great Lakes. In search of clear, cool, and well-oxygenated water, they often move out of streams and into the estuaries and bays of the Great Lakes. Those brook trout that move into such areas are called "coasters."

All of these savory trout grow quickly on a smorgasboard of living organisms -- everything from mayflies to salamanders. At its optimum water temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit, a coaster will eat half its weight in minnows in one week.

Though natural populations of brook trout reside in Lake Superior, Minnesota and Wisconsin are also stocking several thousand of these fish each year to help maintain the "coaster" variety as well as the stream-dwelling native. This benefits not only sport fishermen but predators like kingfishers and mergansers as well.

Coasters weigh on average 2-3 pounds and are usually heavier than stream-dwelling brook trout. The largest brook trout on record, caught on Ontario's Nipigon River, weighed 14.5 pounds. Whatever the size, the brook is relatively easy to catch and has a sweet and delicate meat rivaling that of whitefish and walleye.

In Lake Michigan, where alewives and other forage fish are readily available, brook trout are spared predation by larger salmon. However, kingfishers, mergansers and sport fishermen catch a good percentage of these valued game fish during their three- to six-year lives.

Modest stocking programs in northern Lake Michigan are helping to maintain the brook trout as a coaster as well as a stream-dwelling native. In recent years, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has stocked a new strain of brook trout from Lake Nipigon in Ontario, Canada, to see if it will do better in the Great Lakes than its more domesticated cousins.

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The Temagami and Marten River area is blessed with access to many lakes, streams and rivers in northeastern Ontario.

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Remote Lakes

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Dawson Resort Fishing Manitoulin Island in Ontario

Whether you want to fish from shore or with a guide to a hidden place on one of our Temagami remote lakes, you will have memories that you will treasure forever.

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Anglers can bring their own boat and fishing equipment, or rent it in Temagami.
Local guides and outfitters are available to take you to where the fish are.

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