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Lake fishing is any type of fishing that is done on a lake. It can be shore fishing from a pier or marina or from a rocky shoreline. It can also be boat fishing, trolling or fly fishing. There are a wide variety of fish species found in lakes around the world. Lake species include bass, trout, catfish, perch, pickerel, northern pike, muskellunge, sturgeon, walleye and salmon.

If you plan to fish from a boat, you will need to own one, rent one, or go lake fishing with someone who has one. To fish from a boat, you will need a rod, reel, tackle, trolling equipment and a lake or fish map. If you are a beginner, use a basic lake fishing kit. This includes a six to eight foot graphite or fiberglass rod with a basic closed or open faced reel. Fishing line should be 8 to 15 pound-test, depending on the fish species you are targeting and the depth. Fishing near the surface requires 8 pound-test, while fishing the middle or bottom requires 15 pound test. The larger the fish species, the higher pound-test line you will need.

You will also need a variety of different sized hooks, ranging from medium to large. Split shot sinkers are best. If you are planning on fishing the bottom, larger weights will be necessary. Remember, when buying sinkers, be sure they are lead free in order to protect the environment. Floats can vary from cork to plastic to foam. Torpedo floats work great as well. Floats of various sizes can be used, but remember, smaller is always better. You don't want the fish to see your float.

A variety of bait, both live and artificial is used for different species of lake fish.

Trout Live bait for trout includes worms, insects, insect larvae and crayfish. Artificial bait includes streamers, spoons, spinners and dry and wet flies.

Species of Lake Fish: Bass Live bait includes worms, shad, insects, insect larvae, frogs, crayfish and minnows. Artificial bait includes spinners, streamers, Mepps, spoons, jigs, crankbaits and closers.

Species of Lake Fish: Walleye Live bait includes nightcrawlers, crayfish, minnows, chubs and leaches. Artificial trolling bait that is best is jointed minnows and spinner rigs.

Species of Lake Fish: Salmon Live bait includes worms, prawns, crustaceans, insects and insect larvae. Artificial bait includes lures, flies, plugs, streamers and spinners. Prepared bait such as egg sacs and scents also work well.

Species of Lake Fish: Catfish Catfish in a lake are usually channel cat. They are attracted to cut bait, worms, crayfish or peeled crayfish tails, mollusks, minnows, cheeseballs, breadballs, shrimp, chicken entrails and liver.

Species of Lake Fish: Pickerel Pickerel feed on aquatic insects and invertebrates. Use nightcrawlers, minnows, crayfish, insects and frogs. Artificial bait includes worms, spinners, spoons, streamers and Mepps.

Species of Lake Fish: Perch Perch feed on minnows, insects, insect larvae, crayfish, snails, nightcrawlers, grubs and maggots. Artificial bait includes worms, lures, spinners, streamers and jigs. Use small lures when fishing for perch, as they have small mouths.

Species of Lake Fish: Northern Pike Pike are predators. They will take nightcrawlers, minnows and smelt. Pike, especially females heavy with eggs, prefer dead bait because it provides an easy meal. Artificial bait includes wobbling spoons, spinners, split minnows and red and white spoons. If you are removing a hook from a northern pike, use needle nose pliers to avoid injury.

Species of Lake Fish: Muskellunge Live bait for Musky includes live fish bait that is 10 to 12 inches. Suckers work well, as do leeches, frogs, insects and sunfish. Artificial bait includes spoons, bucktails and large plugs. Muskies are fighters and will strip reels, break rods, mutilate bait and bend hooks.

Species of Lake Fish: Sturgeon Sturgeon like fresh bait and are bottom feeders. They are attracted to clams, eel, crayfish, smelt, salmon eggs, shad, nightcrawlers and fish heads.

Species of Lake Fish: Lake Trolling Trolling is the use of either large or artificial bait pulled through the water behind a moving boat. It is used on lakes, especially for trout and walleye. The boat can be powered by a motor or oars. The bait can be trolled at any depth and is intended to resemble live fish. Trolled plugs, spoons and flies can be fished deep by adding weights or using leadcore line. Live bait is fished below a sliding float when trolling.

If you wish to take up lake fishing and have concerns over equipment or bait that you should use, ask an experienced lake angler to give you some tips, or invite them to come along on a lake fishing trip. Any experienced lake angler will be able to help you with equipment, bait, casting and trolling issues. This could be a family member, friend, neighbor or a staff member at a bait and tackle shop that specializes in lake fishing.

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Northern Ontario's outdoor lifestyle store -- fishing tackle, camping and hiking gear, hunting supplies.

Welcome to GRAMPS FISHING HUT in the Woods which sits next to GRAMMIES BIG RED TREE LODGE, a retreat from the hectic everyday routine, a place to share priceless moments with friends and family. Gather everyone around the fire, sipping on cinnamon tea or a glass of wine with many loved ones gazing at the flickering fire. A nice cold brew would also do nicely.

WELCOME TO GRAMPS FISHING LODGE... FAMOUS FOR 8 TO 12 POUND TROUTS LURKING IN THE LAKE... Cross Country Skiing right outside your front door. Awesome trout fishing.

Check out Grampa's place, temagami on ice bungalows and huts. Enjoy a successful day on the ice in Temagami northern Ontario.

Ice fishing for lake trout, walleye, bass, northern pike, perch and whitefish. ... Enjoy a successful day on the ice in northern Ontario at Grampa's place. Back lake ice fishing in ...

Fishing Tackle & Bait, Ice, Maps, Gas & Oil, Canoe Rentals, Ice Cream, Hunting & Fishing License, Propane Tank Exchange and Filling Station. Temagami, Ontario

Full Line of Fishing Tackle in Temagami

Spend the day with 'Gramps' fishing catching the "BIG" one on the lake. Come and enjoy the beautiful views, rivers, lakes and streams... So many things to do.

Temagami Fishing Tackle

Temagami's Tackle is a Canadian supplier of fishing tackle and related items. We are located in Temagami, Ontario, Canada. Temagami's Tackle is a stocking supplier for over 100 fishing tackle manufacturers, most of which we import directly from their U.S. location.

Temagami's Tackle sells supplies tackle to many tackle shop owners and resorts, lodges, large and small, from across Ontario.

Temagami's Tackle boasts of allowing their customers to earn the most aggressive volume discounts in the wholesale fishing tackle industry. Temagami's Tackle ship tackle to their customers via courier or postal service. We accept Visa and MasterCard for payment.

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Bait and More: Both of our stores carry seasonal bait. We have wax worms, night crawlers, leaf worms, red worms, leaches, hellgrammites, spikes, fat heads, goldens, and suckers. Our bait is grown by the best bait man around!

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Planning a family fishing vacation? Looking for a destination with a family resorts that has fun sports and activities for the whole family, Here is one of the most popular fishing destinations in Temagami for families to unwind and relax:

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