vacation ontario canada

vacation ontario canada
There are plenty of opportunities for fishing on your own around Temagami and Marten River Area Lakes

Planning a family fishing vacation? Looking for a destination with a family resorts that has fun sports and activities for the whole family, Here is one of the most popular fishing destinations in Temagami for families to unwind and relax:

For the fisherman... Lake Nosbonsing offers the fisherman almost any type of fishing he may desire. Pickerel, Pike, Black Bass, Muskie, Sunfish and Perch are plentiful during the best fishing months of May, June and September.

Let our fishing guide help you discover the fantastic muskie fishing on Lake Nosbonsing in northern Ontario. Lake Nosbonsing offers great fishing for muskie, northern pike, walleye, yellow perch and blue gills. Lake Nosbonsing is renowned for its fall muskie fishing. A 54 lb muskie caught in our lake won the 1983 Molson's award. Lake Nosbonsing is a clean, spring fed lake, with excellent fishing winter and summer.

Muskie Fishing - Then Let's Go Fishing!

Muskie to many fishermen is looked at as big game, many call themselves muskie hunters. A muskie is a rare trophy requiring hours of patience, searching and stalking. A muskie will often just watch a lure passing within inches of his nose. Also they will routinely follow that lure right up to the boat give you a menacing glare and dive below the boat. But it is all worth it when you get that first strike.

Muskies and northern pike are similar in appearance. Muskies have dark bars or spots on a light body, although some are void of markings. Northern pike have scales on the lower half of their gills, muskies do not. They also share a lot of the same bodies of waters. But pike usually outnumber muskies, because their eggs hatch earlier and their offspring eat the smaller muskie fry. But with the chance to survive, a muskellunge will grow faster and larger than the northern pike.

Each year anglers take many muskies weighing over 35 pounds. The world record 69 pounds taken in the St.Lawrence River, New York in 1957. So many very large muskies have been taken in Georgian Bay, Ontario in the last few year experts believe it will not be long before that record falls.

Muskies feed on a wide variety of fish, although anything that looks edible is fair game to this predator. They feed mainly near dawn and dusk and sometime after dark. Most are caught during the hot summer, but the real trophies and larger fish are taken in the fall.

Muskie fishing requires heavy equipment, heavy bait casting reels and stiff rods, to cast and troll the heavy lures. Muskie lures are big, some ranging in length from 8 to 14 inches, large bucktail spinners, jerk baits, deep running crankbaits and jointed plugs are the best.

The muskie also will not disappoint when it comes to the battle. be prepared for the fight of your angling career with this vicious predator because these big lunkers do not quit.

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vacation ontario canada

vacation ontario canada

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