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Ravenscroft Cottage Resort

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Ravenscroft Cottage Resort
19 Jumping Caribou Rd
Temagami Ontario
P0H 2H0 Canada

Phone: 1-705-569-3865


Planning a family fishing vacation? Looking for a destination with a family resorts that has fun sports and activities for the whole family, Here is one of the most popular fishing destinations in Temagami for families to unwind and relax:

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Lake Temagami - Lake Tomiko - Marten River - Red Cedar Lake - Fishing in Ontario

Lake Temagami is only one of many lakes in the Temagami & Marten River area. Cross Lake, Diamond Lake, Lady Evelyn, Cassels Lake, Herridge Lake, Wickstead Lake, Angus Lake, Net Lake, Ingall Lake, Jumping Caribou Lake, James Lake, and many more have so much fishing to offer.

Fishing in Lake Temagami: Most of the surrounding lakes have a combination of lake trout, walleye (pickerel), smallmouth bass, northern pike and whitefish. Splake, rainbow trout and speckled trout will also be found in some lakes and rivers. While the lake trout and walleye fisheries have attracted the attention of anglers throughout the world, less attention has been paid to bass, pike and whitefish. These species provide excellent fishing and are growing with popularity.

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